Vaping industry criticises local authorities’ “lack of investment” in recycling

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In remarks local authorities called “profoundly disappointing”, the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) criticised councils over what it described as a “staggering lack of investment” in collection points for used e-cigarettes.

The Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee (LARAC) said it was “profoundly disappointed” by the criticism. LARAC represents local authority views on waste and recycling issues and is run by an Executive of 20 serving local authority waste management officers.

LARAC said that local authorities are “shouldering most of the responsibility” for handling waste vapes and called for producers to bear the total net costs of collecting and recycling disposable vapes.

The UK government announced a ban on single-use vapes earlier this year, which is set to come into force on 1 April 2025.

Before the ban was announced, the UKVIA – a non-profit that represents the vape retailers – said it issued Freedom of Information requests to 10 provincial cities and 10 central London councils, including Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow and Westminster.

According to the Association, 60% of local authorities said they offer vape waste disposal at civic amenity sites or designated collection facilities, and one in ten have introduced vape waste containers in public places. Around one-third do not offer vape waste disposal containers or drop-off points of any kind, the UKVIA said.



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