European consumer demand for refurbished smartphones grows

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More than 52% of Europeans declared they are willing to buy a refurbished smartphone in the future, Vodafone research showed.

The research suggested over 43% of Europeans have already owned a second-hand smartphone, compared to 42% in 2022. 35% of Europeans intend to renew their current smartphone in the coming year – with refurbished devices set to account for 27 million devices sold – the analysis showed.

The 6th edition of the Recommerce Barometer in partnership with Vodafone was revealed during Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona. The Barometer is an annual analysis of consumer trends towards refurbished smartphones at retail.

Conducted by KANTAR, the survey ran from 11-15 January 2024 among 7750 individuals in France, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Romania, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Portugal, and Ireland, aged 16 to 65 years old.


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