ECOTIC is the first organization for the transfer of responsibility in the management of waste electrical and electronic equipment of manufacturers who put electrical equipment on the market.

ECOTIC’s activity includes: the collection and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment waste in order to reach the collection targets according to the law, the awareness of the population through dedicated programs, the implementation and provision of electrical waste collection solutions, involvement in the development of the legislative context at national level.

Since its beginnings, ECOTIC has actively contributed to the circular economy, by recycling electrical and electronic waste, batteries and accumulators, light bulbs and neon lights and re-introducing into the economic circuit 190,000 tons of iron, 55,000 tons of plastic, 11,000 tons of aluminum and 7,000 tons of copper. At the same time, by ensuring recycling to the highest European standards, the hazardous substances contained in electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) were disposed of under maximum safety conditions, thus preventing pollution.