10 Countries Tackling Plastic Pollution

Photo source: sustainabilitymag.com
Photo source: sustainabilitymag.com


Recycling is an increasingly important subject with global warming and climate change. Waste management programs allow countries to recycle materials in order to reuse them, this means they don’t have to rely as much on raw materials. Recycling waste instead of putting it into landfills also reduced the amount of greenhouse gases produced. With the use and introduction of efficient recycling schemes there is less litter in local environments and communities and less waste produced in total. Here we take a look at 10 different countries leading the way in recycling and waste management.


10. Brazil

The city of Curitiba in Brazil is known for its recycling scheme. Over 70% of waste produced is recycled. This scheme is no more expensive than using landfills and gives people of the community jobs.


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