Study shows EPR laws could increase US recycling rates

Photo source: Recycling Today
Photo source: Recycling Today


A recent study conducted by The Recycling Partnership, Washington, claims states can expect significant increases in recycling rates for packaging—including plastic, glass, aluminum and steel—and printed paper with the adoption of extended producer responsibility (EPR) programs.

The study, “Increasing Recycling Rates with EPR Policy,” explores the impact of EPR programs in seven jurisdictions worldwide and in six U.S. states to assess the effect on state-level recycling rates and other key metrics.

The research focused on EPR’s impact on seven paper and packaging recycling programs around the world. The organization says the findings showed that across the board, EPR policy drove the collection and recycling of target materials to more than 75 percent in British Columbia, Belgium, Spain, South Korea and the Netherlands, with Portugal and Quebec at more than 60%.


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