Life of a battery, and how the EU can save it from burnout

articol baterii eeb
Photo source: EEB

In February and March 2022, the European Parliament will vote on a proposal for a new EU battery law. For the European Environmental Bureau, this is an unmissable opportunity to make our batteries more sustainable and mitigate their impacts all along their lifecycle.

The extraction of the metals and minerals that compose our batteries comes at a high costs for the communities living close to the mines, as well as for the natural world –  and, as showed by a recent report by the EEB and Friends of the Earth Europe, there is no such thing as „green mining”.

On the environmental side, the impacts of mining range from natural habitat degradation and biodiversity loss, to soil erosion and the emission of dangerous pollutants into the air, water and soil. On the social side, local communities face degrading labour conditions, forced displacement, violence and intimidation.

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